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Interior & Exterior Painting Jobs

Make the most of your next painting project with Empire Coating. Our contractors are renowned for being clean and prompt, arriving on time and taking the necessary measures to keep your space tidy during and after the painting process. We also go above and beyond to stay within budget, so you don't have to stress about cost. Most importantly, our team is incredibly responsible and committed to professionalism, guaranteeing high-quality painting that we're proud to stand by.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted Banister In Home

Interior Painting

Add fresh color and brighten up your living space in no time. When you work with us, you get a team of painting experts who put your needs first every time. Drawing on years of experience, we paint interiors of all sizes, leaving you with eye-catching results you won't find anywhere else. If you have any issues once your project is complete, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we're by your side both during and after the painting process.

Exterior Painting

Much like interior design, property painting is a vital step to creating the space you've always wanted; the colors you choose for your home or business are an expression of who you are as a person. With a gifted painting crew and the right colors, making your space feel comfortable and personal is easy.

Two People Painting Exterior Of Home

Freshly Painted Business Exterior

Our Process

  • Preparation: We fill any holes and cracks in your walls, seal any stains, and sand the necessary surfaces.
  • Paint: After repairing any surfaces that need it, we prime and paint the desired area to achieve a uniform finish.
  • Cleanup: During this step, all items are moved back to their original places while we remove all of our materials.
  • Inspection: After completing our inspection, we invite you to do your own in order to ensure your satisfaction and address any issues that may arise.

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